Hi everyone, Dom Uguccioni here, thank you so much for reading my story. The story of this Health and Fitness page has humble beginnings, and was kick-started by an amazing event in my life. Ever since being an Athlete in high school, I was always fascinated by fitness and performance…how can I lift more, run faster, jump higher, throw farther?? At that time, “health” was just an afterthought and assumed as a given for me, and I realize now how fortunate a position that is to be able to be in. As I moved on to College, I chose Exercise Science as a my field of study, and that is where my interest in Health, Fitness, and Well-Being took off!

Fitness, Family, Fun!

I have always stayed current in the areas of Health and Fitness, and went on to complete my degree along with achieving 3 different Professional Training Certifications. I found this to be an area of personal passion, and was able to draw on my education and experience to help others around me achieve goals, or just get a point in the right direction. Everything changed for me in 2017, when I became a dad 🙂 this event was the kick-start and motivation behind this Blog…

Becoming a parent has not been an easy transition, but it has been by far the best thing I’ve ever done in my life! During this time of transition, I realized I had a choice to make related to my health…

  1. I can allow myself make excuses that I don’t have time to exercise and eat right because I am so busy being a dad, homeowner, husband, and professional, or
  2. I can use this new found wonderful experience to make myself even more driven to be healthy and fit!

If you have a family, or you work full time (or both), it can be very challenging to make sense of all the information out there related to Health and Fitness. On top of that, it is even more challenging to find the time to prioritize Exercise and Healthy Meals. This is why I am on a mission to make all of my content accessible, and understandable, all within 10 Minutes or less.

Please follow along with my blog posts for topics such as nutrition, exercise, training for athletics or competitions, and strategies to work toward a healthier you. You got 10 Minutes??