Breaking the Budget Barrier-Part II

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This week, I posted on 10 Minute Fitness Take-Aways Facebook page about a low budget, versatile solution to owning exercise equipment, Kettlebells!

Today, I want to write something for anyone out there who wants to do something to be healthier, but right now doesn’t have any extra money to put towards it. We all have to start somewhere, and I promise there are things you can do right now, with zero cost and great benefits. If you’ve got 10 minutes, follow along with me. Here we go!

Step 1: Think of something you eat or drink on a semi-regular basis that you know isn’t great for you, and you’d like to cut back on…be honest, we all have something. Is it Pizza, Beer, Wine, Fast Food, Candy, Soda, Chips??? Pick something, and ask yourself why it is not healthy, and why you’d like to make a change. Move on to step 2.

Step 2: Track how often (frequency) and how much (quantity, servings) you eat or drink of this item in a standard week, and be honest with yourself. For example: Beer

  • Monday: 1 beer with dinner
  • Tuesday: 2 beers with dinner
  • Wednesday: No beers
  • Thursday: 2 beers with dinner
  • Friday: 3 beers in the evening
  • Saturday: 5 beers in the afternoon/evening
  • Sunday: No beers
  • Weekly total: 13 beers

Step 3: After taking a look at where you are, set a goal to reduce the frequency (times per week) to 1 day, and the quantity to something reasonable like a serving or 2 (a treat once per week). While making this plan, ask yourself why you want to make this change, and how it will make you healthier? Do some research if you do not know, sometimes knowing health implications can be motivation to change. You need to reinforce this every day to stay disciplined.

Step 4: Before you start, replace the item with an empowering, healthy alternative. Why? Because, think about why we eat or drink the stuff in the first place…we’re tired, we’re stressed, we’re angry etc., and this stuff tastes good/makes us feel better! As an example, if it is a beverage you are cutting down on, consider replacing with green tea, or a seltzer, and each time you replace with your empowering alternative, congratulate yourself for making this improvement to your health! Or, you could go for a walk anytime you want a slice of pizza, and while you walk think about the health benefits of these extra steps!

Step 5: Remove temptation. What do I mean? Do not have the item(s) you are trying to cut back on in your house while you are making this change. It is much easier to have self-control if you have to go out and buy your weekly treat, rather than having to walk by it every day or look at that nice 6 pack in your fridge all week. If you are tired, stressed, etc, it is easy to reach into your cabinet and derail your progress, without even really thinking about it. If you don’t have the item around, you need to make the conscious choice to drive to the store and give yourself time to think about your goal, and why you are about to break a commitment to yourself.

Try this for a month, and see how it goes. You may find that if you commit to an empowering alternative (not a different junk food), and build a routine, the change might stick even after a month! You just made a healthy, empowering life change, and it didn’t cost you any money (maybe it even saved you some). Let me know if you give this a shot, and how it goes. Enjoy! Please also give me a like on Facebook for quick updates and tips during the week. -Dom

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