Breaking the Final Barrier…YOU!!!

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Hello friends, if you saw my Facebook teaser, you will know the theme of this post: the ultimate barrier you need to break is really all about…you. Think about the topics that serve as barriers…I challenge you to think critically, are they really barriers? Does how you perceive them matter??

Recently, I engaged in a conversation with my work team, and I challenged them to think about the following concept: The exact same topic can be either workplace gossip, or healthy conflict necessary to move an organization forward, depending on the methods used to address the topic. I believe the exact same thing is true with our health; the exact same topic can be either a barrier, or an opportunity, depending on how we approach it!

Here is an example: Finances. Finances can be a barrier…I need more money to get a gym membership, eat organic, get a personal trainer, take a class…If I can just get more money, it will be easier to get healthy. At face value, sure, sounds logical, but let me play out another scenario for you. The same person has been seeing finances as a barrier to health/fitness, and wins the lottery, what do you think happens? Will money solve their problems? Let me ask you another question, what do you think happens to a person who will not give a dime out of a dollar to charity who wins the lottery at $1 million? Will they donate $100,000 to charity (10%)?? Probably not!

Rather than focusing on a topic as a barrier, here is an idea, focus on it as an opportunity. Seriously, think of the example of finances…if you really wanted to, what could you do to improve your health, that would cost you no money?

  1. Walk more
  2. Eat less candy
  3. Switch to black coffee
  4. Switch soda to water
  5. Switch booze to water
  6. Take the stairs
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Dance more
  9. Laugh more
  10. Stretch more

Etc, etc, etc…The take-away, is money important, heck yeah! Is motivation important, yup! However, anything we come up with in our head as a barrier, can also be translated in another way, an excuse. Those who believe they can, and those who believe they can’t, are both right. Hope you enjoyed this post series, please connect with me if you have any questions or suggestions on future topics!

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