Motivation to Workout?? Location, Location, Location…


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When we talk about what motivates us to workout, the venue/location is a very underrated aspect. Some of us are inspired to get up everyday and go to our gym where we are members, others by the open road, others by a home gym…the point being, location matters!

For example, if you do not feel a sense of community at your gym, if you feel judged rather than welcomed when you go in, how likely are you to be motivated to go there, let alone give it your all and get results! On the flip side, let’s say you have some equipment at home, but every time you go to use it, the draw of your couch is too appealing to resist! Not likely to get the results you need, so maybe a change of venue away from home base is needed.

My example, I am lucky enough to work at a University with Division 1 Athletics. The campus has expanded over time, and so have Athletic Facilities. However, I recently discovered that the former Basketball arena is still being used by the track team and others to train (as a former Track/Field Athlete, no respect I tell ya). The facility is open to all comers, and includes an old school indoor track, rubber mats, and a pull up bar. I have never been turned away, as practice is typically not taking place 12-1 during lunch hour.

I am finding myself incredibly motivated to take advantage of this current/former training ground for Athletes and Champions during my lunch hour. If you are motivated by nice, new facilities, you may not appreciate the out date steam pipes that rattle during the winter, old chipped paint, and rustic appearance…and if so, that is totally cool, you do you. I personally am motivated by the old school nature of the facility and banners hanging in the rafters, and I can’t wait to go today for some jogging, push-ups, Abs, and pull-ups!

We are all motivated by different things, so the take-away for the week(s) leading up to New Year’s is think about how motivating your exercise environment is…if the answer is that it is demotivating, how can you change it and make it exciting??

Get after it!!!

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