New Years Resolutions, and keeping them…

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Hi everyone, first of all Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to 2019!! I posted some encouragement on my Facebook page about New Years resolutions last week, please give it a like if you want to get some quick updates and useful tips in between blog posts. My post was encouragement not to get swept up in the weekend, and let healthy resolutions fall by the wayside. Pretty easy to say, but I have some extra insight on putting this into practice…

Say you have a resolution to not eat chips, not drink, not eat chocolate, etc. Notice the key word in any of these resolutions involved in eliminating bad habits? NOT. If you frame your result ion in a negative, you are already starting from a deficit. Let me show you what I mean:

If you are able to, please stand up. Now, while you are still standing, read the following statement: DO NOT STAND. What happened? Did you have to pause for a moment before you sat down, or took another position that was not standing? Wouldn’t a more understandable command be, PLEASE SIT DOWN?

If we communicate with ourselves in this manner, we are likely to experience similar results. Thinking or saying I will not eat chips, I will not eat chips…you get the idea, first you have to think about eating chips, and how good they taste!

What to do? Replace whatever habit you are trying to reduce or eliminate with an empowering alternative. For example, if you love snacking a night and want to eliminate this behavior to improve your health, find something healthy to put in it’s place. For example, maybe you decide on drinking a nice, relaxing cup of herbal tea in the evenings going forward. While drinking the tea, say to yourself, I make healthy decisions, this tea is calming and helping my body fight off free radicals! Obviously customize this for your own goals, but you get the idea…say and do something empowering and positive, rather than negatively framed.

If you don’t replace whatever you are trying to limit or change with an empowering alternative, you are basically relying on will power, which will only take you so far until the temptation is just too much.

What empowering alternatives and new habits can you build/embrace this New Year! Message me on Facebook, I’d love to hear!!

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