Interview 01: Bob Uguccioni (Video)

On Personal Training, Keto Diet, Fasting

The Interview Series Begins!

I’m sitting down with my dad, Bob Uguccioni, who is an experienced personal trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. Topics Bob gives insights on include:

  1. How to pick the right Personal Trainer
  2. Intro to the Ketogenic Diet
  3. Intro to Intermittent Fasting

Top Insights

Bob walks us through his experience, and professional certifications related to training and nutrition. One thing to note, not all certifications are created equal, in fact some only require a multiple choice exam! A good test taker does not (necessary) make a good personal trainer/coach. Bob gives some tips on how to pick the right trainer to help you meet your goals.

When thinking about the Keto Diet, a lot of people think that eating Bacon Cheeseburgers with no bun put us right into Ketosis/Fat Burning mode. Bob clarifies the important role of vegetables in the Keto Diet, and gives insight into his experience with the Diet.

Fasting means controlled periods of time when one chooses not to eat, this is different from starvation. Intermittent Fasting is periodic times when someone chooses to fast; the most basic model is a 16 hour fasting window, and an 8 hour eating window each day (rather than constantly eating small meals/snacking. Bob tells us why fasting is more challenging for people who eat processed sugar and grains.

In Closing

Thanks so much for checking out this interview, I will have many more coming to help gain additional perspective and expertise on Health and Fitness related topics.

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