Interview 02: Gina Cain (Video)

Interview covers Insights from Working in Healthcare, the transition when you stop being an Athlete, and Fitness Benefits for Mothers to be.

Interview Topics:

  1. Health Insights from CRNA (and what a CRNA is)
  2. What happens when you stop being an Athlete?
  3. Why is activity/fitness important for expecting mothers?

Insights from Working in Healthcare

My sister, Gina shares insights with us from her experience as an ICU Nurse and a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). The most surprising topic was what happens to people who come to the Hospital with chronic diseases, which may be influenced by lifestyle factors; no nutrition or exercise consultation! Hospital staff are trained to treat the patient so they can leave the Hospital, Gina explains, and Doctors do not provide any advice or resources on lifestyle factors which may help manage their condition (in her experience).

Gina does share that one lifestyle intervention Hospitals do provide information on is smoking cessation. We both speculate that the reason for this is that the science is settled at this point, smoking is bad for you. Because there are some many different diets/nutritional approaches, perhaps the medical field has collectively decided to stay out of the discussion when treating patients.

What Happens When you Stop Being an Athlete?

Gina played NCAA Division 1 Field Hockey, and even played in a Final 4! We discuss what happens when you go from having a competitive season to train for, meals and workouts scheduled, to working full time, paying bills, and having to make time for exercise.

The Benefits of Exercise and Fitness for Mothers to Be

Gina is going to be a mom soon, super exciting! We talk about the benefits of staying active during pregnancy, from her experience so far. There are many different guidelines to exercising while pregnant, so anyone reading this or viewing the interview is advised to consult with their Doctor about considerations during all different time periods and trimesters of pregnancy.

We hope to be back soon with an interview on how to prioritize your health and fitness as a new mom!

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