Learn one Diet Secret that’s 100% Non-Debatable! (Video)

Watch this video and learn one secret to diet and nutrition which is 100% non-debatable, doesn’t matter who you ask!

Diet Secret!

Are You Ready!

Diets and nutrition can be very confusing, do we even know what is healthy anymore?! What if I told you that there is one nutrition tip that has 100% consensus across all diets, and nutrition plans? Well, there is! Doesn’t matter if you ask someone who is Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean Diet…anyone!

The Diet Secret you need to know…

Here it is: if you cut processed sugar, processed grains, and processed oils from your diet, and substitute in more whole foods/ingredients, that is a healthy move! If you ask a Vegan, they might say “well yes, that is a healthy thing to do, but don’t eat Animal products!” If you ask someone who is Keto: “well yes, that would be a healthy thing to do, but on my plan you can eat Butter, Bacon, and Burgers! (with no bun, of course)”

So, while there is not consensus from everyone about the proper macro nutrient ratios etc, you will not find anyone who works in the Health/Fitness industry who will argue with you about this tip. If you do find anyone in the industry who argues that leaving processed sugar, grains, and oils in your diet is healthy, personally I would question the validity of any other advice they give.

Why are Sugar, Processed Grain, and Processed Oils Problematic?

In short, the processing methods for all of these foods cause our body to react differently to these foods, compared to in their natural state. The example I give in the video is that a whole Apple does have some naturally occurring sugar, called Fructose; when you eat the Apple, you get the Fructose with some natural packaging/dietary fiber, which results in a more moderate impact on your blood sugar and insulin. Your body’s response to Fructose in fruit with that of High Fructose Corn Syrup (processed sugar) is dramatically different. A similar comparison can be made to your body’s response to whole grain vs processed, enriched flour and other processed grain products.

For an breakdown of Oil processing methods and why some may be problematic, check out my previous blog post/video. Unfortunately, you will see a theme that the most highly processed sugar, grains, and oils are the cheapest for you to buy, and the most heavily marketed.

How to start this Diet Secret

If you eat a lot of processed food and want to make this change, it is best to start gradually. For example, if you drink a lot of soda or other sugary drinks, that is a great place to put this diet secret into action. What are some options to substitute for sugary drinks?

  1. Water
  2. Water with fresh lemon/fruit
  3. Seltzer water
  4. Herbal Tea
  5. Black Tea
  6. Black Coffee

Your staples should be water or water with lemon/fruit since everyone needs to stay hydrated, but there are some options to explore if you want to substitute in something else for your sweet drinks. Diet/artificially sweetened drinks are a whole other topic, if our focus is eliminating processed foods, steering clear of these products fits that aim.

How do I know if I am eating Processed Food???

How do I find these mystery ingredients in food I have in my pantry, food I see at the grocery store?! Never fear, my next blog post will show you how to be a detective and track down processed sugar, grain, and oil in your food…see you next time!

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