The Thanksgiving Blitz-Tackle Turkey Day!

Week 3 of a Plan to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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Catching up on the Blitz

If you are just joining me for this Blog Series, this is about making a healthy plan to tackle Thanksgiving and the other Holidays. The idea being to end the year on a high note, and not gain pounds and inches on your waist from October through January. My previous blog post includes my goals, an outline of my plan, and week 1 summary. Please take a look at my week 1/introduction post if you have not had a chance. Week 2 will give you a summary of how it has been going so far.

My Plan for Thanksgiving Week

My theory I am testing with this blog series is that no one day of indulgence will derail your Health and Wellbeing, as long as you are (mostly) dialed in on your nutrition and exercise routine day to day, week to week. Why the Holidays tend to be an issue is the tendency to let indulgence creep into weekends, weekdays, office parties, day after Holidays etc.

*Standard disclaimer, this is my plan and I am using it as an example, this is not intended as a program for others to adopt. If you are interested in making your own plan, take a look at the link above to my intro post to get some ideas.

In addition to keeping my nutrition and exercise routine on point this week, I also made some very specific strategies to help keep me motivated and be training at peak intensity for the big day. Here is a reminder of the plan I outlined from my week 2 post:

  • Continue nutrition (and exercise) plan through Wednesday, including my intermittent fasting (1 meal a day).
  • Longer period of fasting Wednesday going into Thursday, eat my one larger meal earlier in the day on Wednesday.
  • Morning Exercise Thursday, with slightly higher volume (weight training).
  • Breaking my fast with a small plate of food before the big meal Thursday. This is a strategy to help not over stuff yourself after a longer fast.
  • Morning exercise Friday, cardio.
  • Longer period of fasting from Thursday going in to Friday.

Tips of the Week

  1. On the Holiday, Eat what you like! What I mean by this is when you are deciding to enjoy a Holiday, or any particular meal, eat the foods you really like. You have already decided that it is ok to indulge a little bit and have some treats, but there is really no need to add foods to your plate that you consider to be just “ok”. For example, if you love Turkey and Mashed Potatoes, but can’t stand green bean casserole, skip the casserole! Do not worry about counting calories on the Holiday, but do consider that eating foods you don’t really love fills you up unnecessarily, and takes away from the enjoyment of the day. Another example of this is eating things simply because they are there, like appetizers. Apply the same logic, if you really like the appetizer being served have it, if you don’t, skip it!
  2. Exercise the Day After. No matter how you feel the day after a Holiday, get up and do something. Even if it is as basic as a walk, getting up and exercise the day after helps renew your commitment to health and wellness.

Challenges this Week

The biggest challenge this week was resisting the temptation to creep back into previous holiday habits, basically to treat this entire week like it is Thanksgiving day. The way I addressed this challenge was following one of my tips from last week, stick to the plan! I reviewed my exercise and nutrition plan for the week each day, reminded myself why I made it, and why it is important.

Daily Journals


Exercise: Steps at work, around 5 miles total.

Food and Drink

Morning: Coffee and water.

Around 8 am: Bulletproof Coffee.

During work day: 2 green teas 🍵, plenty of water.

Around 5:30 pm: Bacon cheeseburger salad with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions (takeout); IPA beer, 2 glasses scotch.


Exercise: Nordic Track, 40 minutes, 2.44 miles.

Food and Drink:

Morning: Coffee, water.

Around 7:30 am: black coffee.

During work day: 2 green teas 🍵, plenty of water.

Around 4:30 pm: Chipotle Coleslaw with shredded cheese and greens powder; 1 can sardines in olive oil; 1 humus and pretzels; 3 spoons mixed nut butter.


Exercise: before work, weight training. Pull up 7,7,6,6,5; Dip 9,8,8,7,5; Push up 11,10,8,7,6; Total Gym row 12,12,12,12; Ab wheel roll 10,10,10,10, 10; Kettlebell Swing 53 lbs 12,12,12,12,12

For the above exercises, what I did is go through each exercise in the order listed, with very little rest in between each exercise, and then take a few minutes rest after Kettlebell swings before starting with Pull up again.

*I added total volume, and a whole extra set of all exercises compared to week 2! Feeling great and energized heading in to Thursday.

Food and Drink:

Morning: Coffee, water.

Around 7:30 am: Bulletproof coffee (see week 1 for recipe).

During work day: 2 green teas 🍵, plenty of water.

Around 3 pm: 2 oz. spicy beef jerky (no sugar, have to watch out for that unfortunately).

Around 4:30 pm: Chipotle Coleslaw with shredded cheese and greens powder; 1 can of sardines.


Exercise: Nordic Track, 60 minutes, 3.85 miles.

Food and Drink

Morning: Coffee, water.

Around 6:30 am: Green tea.

Around 9 am: Black coffee.

Around 12:30 pm: Side salad 🥗 with greens powder, 3 chicken tenders, a meatball, blue cheese dressing; 2 piece chicken parm pizza (skip crust).

Fast starting at 12:30 pm, water and tea only after meal (20 hours total fast)


Exercise: Deadlift 205- 3, 5, 225- 3,3,3,3,3,3; Double Kettlebell push press 35s- 10, 44s- 8,9,9,8,8,7; Hanging leg raise 10,10,10,10,10,10

The goal today was as much volume as possible within 1 hour, so I chose sets of 3 Deadlift, 10 leg raise, and close to max reps with 44 lbs double kettlebell push press. Felt great, hope your Turkey Day workout was great if you did one!

Food and Drink

EVERYTHING! Gobble Gobble!


Exercise: Nordic Track, 60 minutes, 3.60 miles

Food and Drink

Morning: Coffee and water.

Around 9 am: Black coffee.

Around 10 am: Green tea.

Around 11:30 am: 2 slices cheddar cheese, 4 slices ham.

Around 1:30 pm: 2 Slices Homemade pizza with pepperoni, pepper, and onion.

Around 6 pm: Potato Chips appetizer; chicken with mushrooms/ cream sauce, cooked spinach, asparagus, 2 potato croquettes.

Throughout evening: 4 scotches


Exercise: Active rest, swimming with my kid.

Food and Drink TBA for posting purposes.

Favorite Meal of the Week

The Thanksgiving Plate

My Weekly Progress Report

  1. Sugar, Grain, and Alcohol were treats only, especially Thursday 😉 I had a few more drinks this week than previous weeks, but significantly fewer than previous Thanksgiving weeks.
  2. Weight was 197.0 lbs on Friday (up less than 1 pound from last week), and 5th belt loop on Tuesday (work clothes are needed for consistency). I was honestly surprised that weight was not higher Friday morning after Thanksgiving, even after doing an hour of cardio. This is a good early indicator that my theory is correct, no one day can derail you, consistency is your friend around the holidays.
  3. I maintained my frequency of Cardio exercise, and added some time to Nordic Track this week.
  4. I maintained my routine and volume of my goal upper body exercises, and even added some this week!
  5. I wore blue light glasses every light at least 1 hour before bed, and logged 2 nights of 7 hours uninterrupted sleep during the week. Overall, I kept a routine bed time of around 9 pm.

Next Week

Next week is a big week in testing my theory that no one day can derail your health and fitness goals, as long as you stick to the plan. Part of that plan means getting back on track with my nutrition routine, and keeping the exercise momentum from this week. I will include final before and after stats in my post next week, and also a preview of part II of my Holiday plan. The Thanksgiving Blitz served it’s purpose and got us to December, but now it is the home stretch!

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